Cat Shot

Cat Shot

Action shooting

Price: Free of charge

It's an easy action shooting-game, in which comical kittens shoot down fish.

Compatible with Android 14 (Amazon)

How to play
Drag the white cat and release it.

Game Tips
The player uses the cat's catapult to drag and release, left the ball fly.
Aim carefully at the target with a slingshot. You can't shoot until the black cat brings you a ball.

Because game that even children can enjoy, please feel free to play.

[ Score Attack Mode ]
Throw a ball and shoot down kitty's favorite fish.
Your score is calculated with the fish you get during the time limit.

[ Fish points ]
Blue - 100 points
Yellow - 200 points
Red - 400 points

[ Endless Mode ]
Dodge the UFO's shots and shoot balls at the UFO to destroy it.
When the UFO hits the white cat, the game is over.

[ Shooting star Mode ]
The ball flying into the sky, shooting star shot aim at high scores.
Further increases in the rates of succession and hit one ball!
UFO comes out is a bonus enemy.
Please aiming high score in the time limit.

[ Rapid-fire Mode ]
Black Cat, successful automation of handling the ball!
Became possible rapid-fire ball.
However, new enemies (squid), so strong.You must hit down on the ball from 10.
Aim for high scores a lot of hitting balls.

[ Ranking ]
Ranking registered after clear.
Name is registered in random character.
Can change name after update the self-recording.
Cat Shot
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