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otascube Webmaster
#r4NNOCnx 2016/12/02 10:36

"Shisen-Sho" updated version 1.1 (Amazon Kindle).
- Add background music.

Please wait a little more.

#0EhIA4wk 2016/11/28 10:14

You should do the Monster box game on iOS because it's a very good game and i love that game

otascube Webmaster
#r4NNOCnx 2016/11/25 12:04

"Shisen-Sho" updated version 1.1 (Android).
- Add background music.

Nothing is concrete at the moment.

#PtKc3zFj 2016/11/25 10:09

When will cavern 7,8, Hell 7,8, Hell Gate, and Hell Castle be released on mobile?

#vTs69XGW 2016/11/20 07:17

*knocks on door*
Guess who's back.....

otascube Webmaster
#r4NNOCnx 2016/11/18 13:18

"Shisen-Sho" updated version 1.1 (iOS).
- Add background music.

The cause is unknown.
I will look into that.

#6a9GiZZW 2016/11/17 07:38

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#Q5Xdad9v 2016/11/12 22:43

Also, I cant move items in my inventory and when the inv tab goes down the game glitches to where my inventory and the buttons at the top just go black! I can still access levels though. And since it glitched when i took weapons off my characters... Only my boxer can attack, he has mach cestus w/ vampire 4, and quick 5.

#Q5Xdad9v 2016/11/12 09:01

HELP!!! I got an error while playing stick ranger mobile, what happened was i took an item off my sniper (indra arrow) and went to put it in my inventory, but the inventory tab slid down and then an error popped up. Now i cant select anything and an indra arrow appears wherever i tap! Thats my best team! I can't do anything now! Help, what do i do!

otascube Webmaster
#r4NNOCnx 2016/11/11 15:38

"Shisen-Sho"(Amazon Kindle)1.0 released.

otascube Webmaster
#r4NNOCnx 2016/11/04 11:49

"Shisen-Sho"(Android)1.0 released.

otascube Webmaster
#r4NNOCnx 2016/10/28 18:24

"Shisen-Sho"(iOS)1.0 released.
Puzzle game to remove all Mahjong tiles according to rules

It is currently in development.

#qqhGpCod 2016/10/24 23:59

please make monster box for iphone, i need it in my life more

otascube Webmaster
#r4NNOCnx 2016/10/21 13:28

"Rocats" updated version 2.0 (Amazon Kindle).
- Add new stages

otascube Webmaster
#r4NNOCnx 2016/10/14 11:38

"Rocats" updated version 2.0 (Android).
- Add new stages

otascube Webmaster
#r4NNOCnx 2016/10/07 10:55

"Rocats" updated version 2.0 (iOS).
- Add new stages.

otascube Webmaster
#r4NNOCnx 2016/09/30 10:50

"Rocats" updated version 1.9 (Amazon Kindle).
- Add background music.

#LndQxvhu 2016/09/29 03:20


#LndQxvhu 2016/09/29 03:19


otascube Webmaster
#r4NNOCnx 2016/09/23 10:43

"Rocats" updated version 1.9 (Android).
- Add background music.

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