Drawing game

Price: Free of charge

Game for everyone to draw point in drawing paper of sharing.
I will enjoy the production process of the picture because

How to play
1. 100 times a day, a point can be drawn.
2. The point drawn by doing Upload is shared.
3. Enjoy the creative process of painting's history to play together!

Game Tips
barTouch and flick, can play from anywhere.
bitNumber of remainder that can be Touched.

Play & Restart
||Play & Pause
<|Back one frame
|>Frame advance
<<Reverse Play
>>2x speed

nameName of person who Touched.

Noise Clearnoise is eliminated.
DRAWDrawing Type
non - Non-display
dot - Highlight dot.
name - Highlight the name.
Right drag:Pan
[w][a][s][d] key:Pan
UPTouch information is uploaded to the server.
100bit Download
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