Mine Tower ver1.5 (JavaApplet)

Game overview :
Puzzle game aiming at reaching top floor while finding hidden bombs from first floor of tower.
Minesweeper with vertical scroll type that marks with flag and widens safe area.
Since there are various modes and rankings, if you like puzzle games, please play.
Genre : Puzzle game
Controls : Left click and right click

Bug fix: smartphone + scroll

HTML5 JavaApplet

Game Instruction

Mine Tower is a puzzle game where you have to open all cells of board without detonating a mine.

The numbers indicate how many mines are contained in 8 neighboring cells.
You can mark up "blank > flag > ? > blank" with the right click.
When you click on the mine, you'll get a penalty.

Uncover the cells using the number as a clue.
When the un-clicked cells without a mine reach on the bottom line, the game is over.

Game Tips
[Game Screen]
1FCurrent floor
TIMEElapsed time
DBack to the tile
MINERemained mines
MISSNumbers you click on the mine
SPEEDCurrent scrolling speed
?MARK? mark ON/OFF

watchWatch. Keep the scrolling speed 0.
scopeYou can see through mines.
bombBomb. Open the cells in range.

[Click a number]
When the number on a cell you click is equal to the number of flags in the 8 neighboring cells, those 8 cells will be opened.

[Shortcut key]
SpaceRight click

Total point = Floor x 500 - Time - Mistake x 500
If you can not play the games, download the latest Java.

Total Easy Mode
Hard Mode
Normal Mode
High-speed Mode
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